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1.1 Seller

Address: Teşvikiye, Hakkı Yeten Caddesi. No:10, Kat 6,  Beşiktaş/Istanbul Turkey 34349

Article 2- Subject

The subject of this contract is to determine the recipient of the seller msvatki.com internet site using electronic media in order to sell products mentioned and making the following selling prices and delivery in relation to the protection of consumers law NO 6502 in accordance with the provisions of the party’s rights and obligations.

Article 3- Contract of goods

3.1- Goods/products/services/quantity/brand/model/color/sales price type of payment consist of information at the time the order was terminated.

3.2- Payment method: Credit card bank transfer.

3.3- Term sales are only made with credit cards issued by the banks. Suppliers buyers interest rates and default interest related to the bank also confirmed that the bank would in effect the interest rate and default interest in accordance with the provisions of the legislation and related provisions within the scope of the credit card agreement between the bank the buyers acceptance and warrants.

Order cancellation and returns:

100% customer satisfaction is aimed at MSV and compensates for any errors caused by their own right and sends the buyer a new product.

These steps are followed for products to be returned:

  1. Complaints made will be examined correctly.

  2. If necessary the complaint alleged from the buyer will be requested to take a photo of the product where the mistake and location was made.

  3. Resulting in any Fault with the product MSV will the product is sent back and immediately will produce and prepare a completely new product sent to you free of charge. Any mistake by us will not be refunded. A brand new correctly produced product will be sent to you free of charge.


Products that have your own personal design added photos or images may not be exactly the same as the product shown on the PC screen. The screen is a bright and luminous surface and the print on the actual product is without light pressure.

Order cancellation:

Order cancellation can be made if you contact by telephone or e-mail. If the product is not in production yet and your cancellation request was accepted, payment made by your credit card will be refunded into your bank account.

3.4- Delivery

The courier company will deliver to the address submitted above. In the absence of the delivery to the address of the receiver, seller actions will be considered and completely fulfilled. Therefore if the product of the receiver arrives late or kept at the courier company or has damages occurred, returned to the seller expenses are also borne by the buyer. Shipping costs are added to the total order amount and are paid by the customer.It is not included in the product price.

Article 4-General provisions

4.1- Buyer at www.msvatki.com explains in detail characteristics of the contract subject and preliminary information regarding the delivery and payment of the selling price, declares the necessary confirmation and has read the data in an electronic environment.

4.2- The amount of time the product, legal contract states delivery must not exceed 30 days for each product depending on the buyers settlement offset websites preliminary information at the address indicated by the buyer within the period delivered to the person/ organization. If the courier company could not deliver the recipient’s product on time due to being far away it is not responsible.This is done according to the courier company’s system and supplier can not be held responsible for this.

4.3- Contract subjects goods. If the buyer’s product is to be delivered to another person or organization and is not accepted. The seller is not responsible.

4.4- The seller is responsible for the product to be delivered in good condition and made to exact specification.

4.5- The subject of this contract and a copy of this agreement for the delivery of the product to be delivered and the price of the seller’s item, payment must be made with the seller’s preferred method. And if for any reason the product is not paid for or the bank records are cancelled the delivery of the product is considered freed from the obligation of the seller.

4.6- The product belongs to the buyer upon delivery if the buyer’s credit card is used unauthorized and using it in a way which is unlawful, unfair and the bank or financial organization does not pay the seller, personalized product should be returned to the supplier within 3 days.

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