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Custom ankle socks
Ankle Socks Price may differ due to various situations. Please contact us.
custom hd woven scarves
Custom HD Woven Scarves Double Sided Price may differ due to various situations. Please contact us.

Custom Knit Scarves

Price may differ due to various situations. Please contact us.


50 Pieces Minimum


100% Acrylic


5 Colours


5 in 1 Bag

Pre-Production Sample

5 Working Days

Free Design Service



Approx : 145cm x 18cm + 7cm Fringes each side


You can use a different designs on each side at no extra cost

100% Acrylic yarn is used and produced with a high quality knitting technique.
We use up to 6 different colours on the same soccer scarf.
There are 7 cm fringes on each end of our knitted soccer scarves.
The special feature is that it keeps you warm.
All of our knitted soccer scarves are produced by using high quality acrylic knit.
We offer our user the most possibly soft fabric.
Standard size 158cm(62”)x18cm(7”) Including fringes.

Custom Knitted Scarves

Many scarf lovers call it custom soccer scarves, custom winter scarf, custom knit shawl or custom woven scarf instead of custom knit scarves.

We use 100% acrylic in custom knit scarves and this offers the user a soft use. And these acrylics have passed all health conditions tests and are supplied with safety certificates.

In addition, the deformation process of wefts spreads over many years. In regions where cold and winter months are tough, our recommendation would be custom knitted scarves. It will both protect you from the cold and impress with its design and quality.

Custom knitted scarves Standard size 158cm(62”)x18cm(7”) Including fringes. They are produced with standard dimensions. Of course, it is possible for us to produce in the dimensions you want.

Scarf create a custom is knitted with colored yarns, provided that it does not exceed 6 colors. Detailed logos are embroidered.

In line with your orders, our company makes a planning with you, and then communicates with you and carries out the information process and is left to the approval process. Orders approved by you enter the accounting and production process. Production takes place within the time given in the specified planning and delivery planning is put into practice.

The production of custom knit scarves models, which are made with the latest technology knitted machine, is carried out quickly and safely. With our experienced staff, if you wish, by making your own design, the production plan of the scarves you want will be made and the price and minimum production table will be presented to you

Traditional Jacquard Scarves

When you think about traditional soccer scarves the first type of scarf that comes to mind is our jacquard knitted scarves.

These scarves make an excellent gift idea for birthdays and celebrations.

The jacquard scarf uses 100% high quality acrylic with up to 5 colours and 3 colours on the fringes. The double sided feature allows you to have 2 designs on each side of the scarf.

This scarf is the heaviest making it perfect for cold winters

We continue to offer you the best with the confidence of being the first company that comes to mind when it comes to Custom knit scarves in Istanbul, the textile capital of Turkey.

Exclusive Winter knit scarf

Without a doubt scarves are an accessory everyone has in their closet. They add some patterns to our outfits as well as keep us warm in the winter.

Jacquard Scarf Create a Custom

The custom scarves with logo no minimum, We offer you as a company allow you to design scarves according to your imagination. If you want to have different designs made on both sides of the scarf, our company additionally provides services regarding this. No extra fees are required for this.This, you can get special custom jacquard scarves products that only you have in a short time.

Jacquard Custom Scarf for women

It can be produced with much more colors and motifs, all you need to do is use your imagination. Or leave the job to us. Briefly explain to us your pattern and tastes you would prefer to have on your custom jacquard scarves and let our graphic designers who are experts in custom scarves prepare it for you

Our scarf your text winter is magical

Be creative and bold with your winter scarf, show everyone what you are really made of and live life to its fullest with our customizable collection of winter scarves, specially crafted by us and designed by you

Custom sports scarf

A soccer jersey is not enough to show love for your team. But a scarf around your neck at soccer practise allows you to stand out from the rest of the fans, once you wrap it around your neck the warmth will hold you like a child holds its mothers hand

Custom jacquard scarves 

The jacquard scarf is the traditional supporter scarf, it is the most popular with all fans and clubs world-wide. Owning a jacquard scarf of your favourite club ensures you are always equipped, knitted with a customized design it is a must have for everybody of all age and genders. These scarves serve a better purpose than keeping your neck warm this winter. But, to show your loyalty and love you have towards your club.

Customized scarf personalized knit

Our inspiration comes from your imagination. Use up to 4 colours to design your clubs or events scarves with an easy designing tool that will give you an experience that is unforgettable. The use of our high-quality fabrics wont irritate your soft skin. But it will wrap around and make you feel cosy and behind your teams back where ever you may be. 

Custom sports scarf

You have the option to customize any scarf you like with our easy designing tool. You are the boss of your scarf, and no one can tell you otherwise!

MSVATKI have worked many years to perfect this craft and we are proud to say we are market leaders in quality with custom scarves of all ranges and models.

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