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custom knit scarves
Custom Knit Scarves Price may differ due to various situations. Please contact us.
Custom Stadium Scarves
HD Woven Custom Stadium Scarves Price may differ due to various situations. Please contact us.

Custom HD Woven Scarves Double Sided

Price may differ due to various situations. Please contact us.


25 Pieces Minimum


80% Acrylic 20% Polyester


8 Colours


Single Packaging

Pre-Production Sample

5 Working Days

Free Design Service



You can use a different designs on each side at no extra cost


Approx : 153cm x 20cm + 7cm Fringes each side

Acrylic and polyester yarn is used in production for our custom HD Woven Soccer scarves double sided by using a high quality weaving technique.
We can use up to 8 different colours on the same scarf, 4 on one side and 4 on the other, colored photos and print quality touches can be used on the scarves.
HD Woven Soccer scarves are the best way for a supporter to show their passion for their team.
Recently HD Woven Soccer Scarves have become one of the most attractive accessories in the sporting arena for supporters fans to show their loyalty.
Standard size is 167cm(66")x20cm(7.87") Including fringes.
%80 Acrylic %20 Polyester.

Custom HD Woven Scarves Double Sided Scarves

Made with the highest quality 80% polyester and 20% acrylic material using expert weaving techniques,  this fashionable and breathable model allows you to create your own custom knit scarf of your own chosen design using up to 8 different bright colors. Suitable for all adults, our HD Woven double-sided custom soccer scarf is designed to allow you and your fans to show your team spirit and pride while also treating yourself to a comfortable wearing experience. Durable for many years of use, thanks to high-quality materials. These custom team scarves allow for the most detailed logos possible under thread-based production, making them one of our most premium and sought-out items.

HD Woven Custom Scarf Product Details

Here's a look at the qualities you can expect from this premium product.

  • Customizable soccer scarf size 158cm(62”)x18cm(7”). Including fringes.
  • Highest quality %80 Acrylic %20 Polyester materials to make the product breathable and ultra-premium.
  • 25 pieces minimum for all orders. No maximum limit.

Perfect For Sports Fans

Custom sports scarves are the best and most popular way for fans to show support for their team. HD woven scarves in particular have always had the clearest resolutions available on an acrylic scarf. They are thinner than our knitted scarves. All these qualities make them one of our most popular items, as well as an attractive choice for all fans ready to cheer passionately for their team and show their loyalty.

HD Woven Double Sided Scarf Designs

Custom HD woven scarf printing can be one-sided or two-sided, with up to eight colors to effectively produce your custom logo or design. Using the highest level of craftsmanship, your order of a minimum of 25 pieces with no upper limit will be produced expertly. Its tighter weave structure makes our HD scarf thinner than other knitted options.

Best Uses For Custom Scarves

Your design should set you apart from other organizations. We at MSVATKI promise to do just that. Below are some of the most popular ways you can choose to use your custom stadium scarves and let your organization stand out.

  • Fundraiser or charity donation rewards,
  • Tournament merchandise,
  • End-of-season awards,
  • Fan giveaways,
  • Gifts for staff and employees,

And so much more...

Designing Process

We at MSVATKI aim for full customer satisfaction with all products and promise to offer you the best service. Our specialists will aid you in choosing the right HD woven scarf for the occasion. Using our website design tools, with just filling a simple form, you can create your unique custom team scarf effortlessly, and share your logos, team name, and colors and our design specialists will take of the rest for you, bringing your vision to life.

Design Details

  • You can use up to 8 colors on this custom knit scarf. Also available are colored photos, high print quality logos, and designs.
  • Design sampled and presented to you in 5 working days.
  • You're able to use different designs on each side at no extra cost

Design Variety Of Scarves - Soccer Knit Scarf Soft Warm Color Scarves - Team Colors Sport Soccer Scarf For Fans Your Team

If you need help designing your HD woven custom stadium scarf, or deciding what type of scarf best suits your need, you can contact us and we will do our best to come up with the perfect custom product to meet your wishes. The information and ideas you present us will be applied to various designs expertly prepared by our in-house graphic designers. Within 5 working days, we will return back to you with the prepared designs to get your approval. If you have any further suggestions about your design, we'll work together with you to improve it and sample it back to you again.

Great For Fundraisers And Wholesales

Customizable sports scarves with the design of your team are a great product to give away as rewards for any fundraiser you might hold too! You can make sure that all fans will love wearing your logo on their head. With this, you'll be able to share the pride of your organization or team with everyone! 

Check Out Our Other Scarves

You should also check out our other customizable scarves, expertly designed and made so that your team, fans, and your donors will rock your design wrapped around their necks! Other available designs are knit scarves, sleek print scarves, and single-sided HD woven scarves, all yours to uniquely design.

Legendary fans your team colors sport forever

This colors sport soccer scarf, also called soccer high definition hd knit scarf, is one step ahead of jacquard knit scarf, as it is soft and we can use more colors.

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