We're making our design tool better. This will take a very short time, thank you for your understanding.

In the meantime, you can still get free design service for the product you want. Simply fill out the form on the product page and our experts will get back to you quickly.

How It Works

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Choose Your Custom Product

First of all, select the product you desire from our products page, here you will see the details of the products, the minimum production quantities and custom options.

Afterwards, share the colours of the custom product you want with us, the pattern structure and logos that you have in mind, our experienced graphic designers will work on at least 3 patterns to present you to give you a rough idea. When the country to which the shipment will be made and your order quantities are certain, we will prepare our best price for you.

You can then complete the order on the artwork you like.

After we agree on the model and price, we prepare the sample within 5 working days and submit it to your approval for mass production. Our production time is 2 weeks after approval, the shipment will be made via UPS express saver or FedEx priority. It will take a maximum of 3 working days for the products to reach you.

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