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What type of scarves can I customise?
It is possible to customise all our products,
Can you make international shipments?
Yes, We can ship anywhere in the world.
Do I need to pay in advance?
Yes, We will ask for advance payment with your first order, we can work on credit by filling out our loan form later.
How long will it take to receive my order?
We will share the pre-production product with you within 3-5 working days. After the approval process the production time is a maximum of 2 weeks.
What difference are there with ankle and crew socks?
You can view the socks section for all the details.
How many colours can I have on my scarf?
Number of colours vary depending on the scarf type, please refer to the section of the scarf you request for details.
Can I have 2 different designs on each side of the scarf?
Yes, It can definitely be done and no fee occurs for this application of 2 designs on each side.
Do you have a refund policy?
We only produce approved products and we do not accept returns as it is a special production.
Do your prices include VAT?
The shipping fees are included in the prices of all our products, tax and duty fees may occur in your country depending on the buyer.
How much does each scarf weigh on average?
It varies depending on the type of scarf and the number of colours used in the scarf.
Can I change or cancel my order once it has been placed?
It is possible to change or cancel all orders that we have not started producing yet.
Is there a gift wrap option?
No, All products are delivered with standard packaging.
How can I become a member of MSV?
You can become a member of MSV by taking just a few minutes. It is enough to answer the questions we need in order to deliver your products to you.
What will happen if I forget my password?
When you forget your password. You can click on the “Forgot password” section and write your registered e-mail and your information will be sent for you.
Do you have a confidentiality agreement and what does it do?
Yes, Customer satisfaction is our first principle. In order to protect the privacy of our customers' personal information, the system and internet infrastructure of our site are kept at the most reliable level and necessary precautions have been taken. Do not hesitate to consult on matters that require additional information. Your personal information (name, e-mail address, delivery address, etc.) is never given to other people and organisations and this information is necessary to deliver your products to us faster.

Your credit card information, which is necessary for comfortable and safe shopping, does not reach us and does not enter our system. Payments are made between your bank and our bank. Only you can access and change your personal information, it is absolutely impossible for us or third parties to access or change this information. The personal information of the members is only used in one-to-one communication between our site and you members. You can resign from membership at any time, and after leaving the membership, all your information will be deleted and will not be used in any way.
What is MSVATKI Fundraising?
Our special Custom productions are very ideal for this business. For example, if you need money for your high school football team or your association, here comes the chance to be one step ahead of other teams. A chance to design a special scarf for your team and create a union and highlight your name
What are your setup charges?
Our products design services and setups is FREE of charge
Can I obtain a free sample?
A fee of $45 will occur for samples, if its requested in an email environment, we will deduct the sample fee from your order payment.
What is the minimum order quantity on custom scarves?
You can order all our products starting from only 25 pieces.
What are the dimensions of the different types of scarves?
You can find all the descriptions for our scarves in our product section. We can also produce in any dimension you like besides our standard sizes.
Do you have kids sizes?
Yes, We can produce in any dimension you like .
What are the differences in the beanies you sell?
All beanies are made of the highest quality and are 100% Acrylics, kindly view the beanie section for the variants of beanies we produce.
How many colours can I have on my beanie?
Depending on the model, it is possible to produce up to 4 colours in some models.
How much does it cost to ship?
The order varies depending on quantity and products, please contact us.
How do I order?
You can place all your orders through our website or contact us directly via email.
What payment methods do you accept?
You can make your payment via bank transfer or through mail order.
Do I need an account to make an order?
You can shop from us without an account. We strongly recommend opening an account and take advantage of our promotions we apply in certain periods of the year as an account member.
How can I track my order?
We will share the tracking number with you on the day your order is shipped. You are able to track all the steps.
Do I need to be a member to buy?
No, When you add the product to the cart and continue, you can place an order with the “I want to buy without being a member” option.
What are the advantages of becoming a member?
You will be the first to know about the offers and innovations for the members in MSV.

You will not be required to enter your personal information again and again with each purchase.

You will be able to carry out your shopping experience in a secure environment.
How is security at the order stage created?
msvatki.com is protected by SSL (Secure Security Layer). SSL is a security technology that protects the server against all kinds of dangers and attacks. In other words, it ensures that your information (Personal information, Credit card information, etc.) comes securely from your browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape, etc.) to our server.
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Where to buy soccer scarves?
You are definitely in the right place right now 😀 MSVATKI-Designed to Excel
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