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The Advantages of Custom Scarves Production

5 Must-Know Advantages of Custom Designed Scarves

Fans enjoy the chance to show their enthusiasm and passion for the teams they support. What better way is there for them to do just that, than custom-designed merchandise, representing their team and its logos, such as custom designed scarves, custom socks, and custom hats? Custom print scarves in particular are often synonymous with winter accessories and it does a fantastic job of making fans look fashionable while making them ooze with the spirit of the team they root for. A common use for our custom scarves is for your business. They are a fashionable accessory that can change the routine of your workers, provide warmth and prove beneficial to your company. 

Wearing custom scarves make self-expression more meaningful and fun by combining the colors of the supported team very tastefully. Whatever a fan wants to support or show off, it’ll be best reflected with scarves, knitted beanies, ankle socks and more! Our company offers you the opportunity to manifacture from various high quality and perfectly soft materials and products that can be used in all seasons and personalized in the way you desire. Before we dive into the 5 specific benefits and advantages these scarves offer to you, let’s look at what type of scarves we have in store for you to create your custom design.

  • Custom HD Woven Scarves

Custom HD woven scarves come in 2 different types: One-sided and two-sided. You can choose up to eight colors to design the HD woven scarf of your choice, as well as the logo of your organization. After you place your order, which has to be at least 25 pieces, we will provide an expert craftmanship to prepare your order. We don’t have an upper limit of products for orders. These stadium scarves  have a tight weave structure and thanks to that quality, it’s thinner compared to our knitted scarves. The materials used are 80% Acrylic and 20% Polyester. With this, our HD woven scarves provide a premium and breathable wearing experience. Check out this highly sought out design by clicking here for one-sided stadium scarves, and here for the double-sided alternative.

  • Custom Knit Scarves

To achieve a desirable experience wearing this soft and comfortable scarf, our custom knit scarves are made with 100% Acrylic material that have passed the necessary health condition tests. All our product materials are supplied with safety certificates. The standard size for this scarf is 158cm(62”)x18cm(7”) with fringes included. While produced with standard dimensions, if asked for, they can be produced with the dimensions you want. These knitted scarves are safely and quickly made with the latest knitting technology. Check out these perfect custom knit scarves ready for production here!

  • Custom Sleek Print Scarves
This particular model is very lightweight and breathable and is made with the same materials as our HD woven scarves. With no color restrictions, you can create the sleek print scarf of your own custom design to create a comfortable and fashionable look. The standard size makes ie suitable for everyone to wear. This scarf is often designed to be worn in warmer weather but specific production to be used in different conditions is also possible. Thanks to the highest quality materials, this scarf has the durability to be used for many years. Check out here for our custom sleek print scarves!


5 Benefits and Qualities of Custom Designed Scarves

  • 1. Designed With Very High Standards

As in every industry, there are set standards in the manufacture of scarves, beanies, and print scarves. These standards are determined as material, workmanship, color, and delivery time. The yarns used by our company, produce the highest quality in terms of polyester and acrylic. For this reason, no dyeing that is harmful to health or fading that will spoil its elegance is not encountered. In the field of craftsmanship, perfect processing is carried out with highly advanced machines. In the color standard, production is carried out to be exactly the same, not similar to the color of the team. Products that have been tested and approved that do not contain carcinogens are used in paints and components. In terms of delivery time, everything is realized at professional speed and problems never ensue. In addition, our company provides the production of quality products in every field with the most suitable economic conditions.

  • 2. Made to Fit Perfectly
Getting the perfect size for a perfect fit is always a problem when it comes to clothes or accessories. But with the customization option, you get to dictate what you really desire for your fans or workers. You don’t have to compromise one feature to get the other because our scarves come in a single size that fits everyone. Not only that, by offering a junior size option, even the fans of the younger side can benefit from rocking a custom-designed scarf to root for their favorite team!

  • 3. Great Way to Spread Your Team Spirit
 Just like how the great warriors of our ancient history, such as Spartans or samurais wore matching uniforms to create a bond and unity among the soldiers during wars, sports teams of today often play better when they feel fitting in a great looking uniform, experiencing a deeper connection to their teammates when preparing for a big game. This is similar to the business world. You might not be waging literal battles with your competitors, but your goal is to work together as a company to achieve a common goal. Supplying your employees with matching scarves that feature the design or logo of your company will give them the comradery feeling with their co-workers and this leads to an increase in productivity thanks to the synergy. 
  • 4. Promoting Your Business

Everyone loves wearing a fashionable accessory like a stylish scarf, even in their off-times. Your employees that work for your business, or the fans of your team will wear this outside during different weather conditions and end up promoting your organization. It’s essentially free advertising that comes with wearing these in public that’s beneficial to your business.

  • 5. It’s Simply Fun!

People rarely succeed unless they enjoy what they are doing. In essence, it’s just wise to promote this attitude among your employees in your business. Productive work comes when people enjoy working at your place. What better way to make sure of this by providing custom team scarves for everyone? A simple fun gesture will create a butterfly effect feeding from a positive attitude.


Easy Designing Process

MSVATKI’s aim is to achieve complete satisfaction from our customers when it comes to any of our products and orders. Therefore our promise is to offer you the best service in the industry. If you’re struggling to pick the right custom scarf for your occasion, our specialists can come to your aid and help you make the correct choice. Our website offers a simple form to fill as a design tool. By filling out our form, you’ll be able to design your unique custom scarves with minimum effort. Whether it’s your organization’s specific logo, your team’s name, and colors, our specialists will do the job right after you share your desired look with us.

While we offer up to 8 colors to use on any custom scarf, high-print quality logos, designs, and colored photos are also provided as options for our customers. If your order is one of our most popular products offered, the double-sided HD woven scarves, each side can feature a different design at no extra cost.

Easy Communication While Designing

You can contact us easily if you’re having difficulty deciding which one of our cozy custom scarves is right for the occasion. We will also work with you to decide what sort of design best represents your organization, should you need our help for it. After you present your ideas and the necessary information about your design, our in-house graphic designers will work expertly to create the desired look. You’ll hear from us within 5 working days to get your approval on the designs we have prepared for you. Any further suggestions or changes you wish to make after this process, we will work with you to make improvements and once again sample it to you.
Quality Custom Scarf Leads to Quality Business
To effectively build team spirit and foster a genuine feeling of being part of something special and enjoyable, there are certain things you need to watch out for. The scarf you choose absolutely needs to be comfortable, soft, warming and it should last longer. Being fashionable is also a major bonus. It needs to be made with high-quality craftsmanship so your entire community associates with your brand and business. MSVATKI promises to check all these boxes to give you the best service when it comes to designing custom scarves. MSV Spor, throughout its history, has achieved in securing production agreements and merchandising rights with some of Turkey’s most prestige soccer clubs, such as Fenerbahçe SK, Galatasaray AŞ, Beşiktaş JK, Trabzonspor AŞ, and more. Our company’s aim has been for our customers to be provided with innovative products and offer the highest quality service for the past 90 years. All the necessary procedures and the manufacturing are carried out in the most efficient way all the way up until the product is in our customer’s hands. 
With all this in consideration, there is no doubt MSVATKI is the right place for you to represent the passion and pride of your team with our scarves. So we hope you will choose us and our products to create your dream custom products!



Customer Always Deserves The Best


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