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My Custom Knitted Fan Scarves

History of My Custom Knitted Fan Scarves

Scarves as an accessory, in general, have been around since ancient times for various reasons such as keeping oneself warm, religious symbolism, and fashion. As the most common neckwarmer, it can be made with materials like wool, linen, silk, cotton, and more… In Ancient Rome, they used scarves for cleaning purposes, in old China, they are believed to have been used to identify officers.

In today’s day and age, besides a way to keep yourself warm, the most common usage of scarves, especially custom scarves, is to show your support for your favorite sports team.

Whether you bring it to live matches or war it at home in front of the TV during exciting football matches while hanging out with friends who’re part of the same fandom, it’s simply the perfect way to show your passion and pride for your team.

Classic Knit HD Woven Premier USA Knit Sleekprint Scarf History

But what about most people’s favorite type of scarf, mine included? My custom knitted fan scarves that I adore so much, what of its history? These knitted soccer scarves are an especially beloved accessory and they are believed to have been created by the Third Duke of Krakow and become popular with Queen Victoria’s rise to power in the 1800s. It’s said that the Queen wore knitted silk scarves as part of her glorious wardrobe, making a fashion statement that led knitted scarves to become popular among nobility, as they were much more expensive than other varieties the lower class could afford.

Knitting as a hobby became a patriotic duty in a lot of countries during the First World War. Knitted accessories, scarves included, were sent to servicemen that were in the war, as a way to protect themselves from the harsh weather environments. Now, they are the perfect fashion accessory, and the best part is that you can customize your own design by working with us!

Fashionable Everyday Scarf Create a Custom Design

Why settle on a regular old boring knitted scarf when you can customize it by using MSVATKI‘s services?

We offer a custom knitted scarf that is made using the highest levels of knitting technology to expertly craft your desired custom scarves with logo or preferred design.

Your design can include up to 6 bright colors of your choice, not to mention the logo of your team or organization to reflect the pride of your team for your members and fans to spread around. Our specialists will prepare your order of custom knit scarves no minimum than 50 pieces quickly and efficiently to best reflect the design you wanted to bring to life. You can design both sides of the scarf differently if you desire to, with no additional cost!

How Do You Create the Perfect Champions Knit Classic HD Woven Scarf?

It’s a very simple process where all you need to do is fill out the simple design form offered on our website. By explaining and showing us the design you want with this form, our in-house graphic designers will return back to you with the prepared design in 5 workdays. After getting your approval, it’s time to start mass-producing your order in a safe and efficient way that has always been part of our company’s motto.

If the design doesn’t completely satisfy you, or you have changed your mind about it and have tweaks you want to be made, just let us know and we will prepare another amazing design for you. As MSV, our main goal is to make our customers happy and provide the best service possible in this industry. We want you and your team’s fans to rock the best custom scarves, and we want to be the brand to make this possible for you.

The Custom Knit Scarf of Your Dreams

As the type of scarf that’s best suited for the coldest weather conditions, our knit scarves come with high-quality 100% acrylic yarn with the best-suited knitting technique. Both sides feature stylish fringes of 7cm, making our standard size for this product 158cm(62”)x18cm(7”) including the fringes.

The acrylic material makes this knitted scarf our softest feeling product. It’s especially perfect to keep the wearer warm and comfortable because of its heaviness. You don’t want to miss the chance to add this practical piece to your wardrobe and make all the members and fans of your team happy to be a part while wearing it.

While we don’t hold an upper limit for big orders, there is a lower limit. Your order of knitted custom soccer scarves no minimum than 50 pieces is waiting to be yours. Work with us today to design the best possible look to create the scarf of your dreams. Contact us for any questions you have in mind to decide which of our scarves are the most suited pieces for you.






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