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How to Wear a Soccer Scarf


The logos should always stay in front tied from top to bottom depending on the design.


While the colours are visible on the neck hanging it is important for protection in cold weather.


While the logos remain on the scarf hanging the colours of the team cover your throat first.


Fan scarves tied with a Parisian knot are the most popular. Here only one logo remains in front.


Tying the soccer scarves around the neck once stands both of the logos out.custom soccer scarf

How to wear a soccer scarf

The warmest way to show your interest in your favourite team, the fan scarf is the most beautiful accessory that every fan should have in their wardrobe. Show your difference from others, design your own fan scarf.

Protect yourself from the cold and show your bond with everything you've got 


The Advantages of Custom Scarves Production


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