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Football Scarves

Football Scarves and Their Importance

It’s hard to come by someone who doesn’t at least have a little bit of interest in watching football games in today’s age. People can have various reasons for why they find them enjoyable. Some are simply a fan of the sports, the activity of playing football. There is something very fun about coming together with friends and going at it with the opposing team in a thrilling football match where anything can happen at any moment.

The friendly rivalries you form on your own are always worth remembering for people, even dating back to when they were kids. For these people, watching the whole thing is no different than playing it. Seeing the magic happen in front of their eyes, rooting for a side but also respecting the other not only brings back memories for people but it’s also traditionally a fun way to spend time with family or friends, not to mention meeting people with the same interest is always an opportunity people look out for.

Then there is that whole other thing. The feeling of belonging. The team spirit that comes with being part of a fandom. A lot of people fall into this category regarding why they enjoy watching football games, whether it’s on TV or being there in the stadium. The joy of a common rooting point among a huge number of other people that want the same thing as you: your team to win. The absolute euphoria of cheering for the team you support, watching others do the same, and seeing your team win? Now that’s a feeling unlike anything else. The popularity of football and the enormous fandoms tied to it are proofs of this.

Of course, it’s never just about yelling in the crowd cheering or chanting the name of your favorite player and team. No, there is one other great thing that ties to this feeling: premier league football scarves.

The Roots of Football Scarf and Why It Is So Popular

Scarves aren’t just the perfect wardrobe accessory to keep yourself warm on cold and hard winter days, they are also the number one preferred way of spreading the passion you have for your favorite football team. The perfect tool to show support. Even further than that, it’s a way to show you identify with the fanbase of the said team, to show that you belong with like-minded people.

Although it isn’t known for certain when it started, the practice is believed to likely date back to 20th century England. The reason was the teams of the time finally started to adapt a fixed color for their team logos and uniforms. This in return, of course, made people want to rock the same colors on their attire. And what better, efficient, and easy way to do just that but with custom football scarves?

Back in the days where TV coverage for these sports events didn’t attract the crowd that it attracts today, wearing a certain color was a way to make a statement, to show you belonged in a team.

A solitary man was seen supporting a red and black striped scarf on TV footage back in 1934 from an Arsenal Crystal palace tie at the old Highbury ground and this became the first recorded sighting of such a moment.

While in the early days, these weren’t mass-produced and were often homemade with hand-knitting, they eventually took hold. It was by the second world war that they really caught on. They have been a mainstay in sports fan culture since then. Not to mention being an incredibly popular gifting material for important days such as Christmas starting with the fifties. Kids would often want the scarves they receive to look worn and rugged, causing them to wash them multiple times to make the colors die out.

It’s believed to have spread from England to Germany, France, Spain, and eventually the rest of the globe. It’s apparent that by the sixties, the idea of these scarves had surpassed all other similar practices to become the symbol of one’s club that they are a part of. Once the football matches started being attended by more and more children, women, and families, the colors became more dynamic, more bright.

Aside from colors, different designs also started to emerge in popularity. Detailed scarf designs were especially visible in parts of Europe such as France. The jacquard knit scarves, bar scarves, polyester scarves… Something for everyone. Scarves also became the leading promotional vehicle to market your team to fans.

Eventually, custom scarves became synonymous with passion for football teams. They are being used for warmth reasons, cheering reasons, and even as a platform to get signed to your favorite football players or managers. The fact they are affordable for everyone only makes them more popular still to this day.

Create Custom Scarves of Your Own Unique Design with MSV

MSVATKI offers you the chance to design your own custom football scarf  featuring the logo or the colors of your team and organization. With our help, you too can give your fans or members the chance to feel the comradery expected of being part of a team or a fandom. Start by choosing your desired scarf variety, then fill out our simple form to submit your design, and the rest will come easy. Give it a shot! We’ll be helping you every step along the way to pick the perfect design and scarf for you.




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