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Football Scarf

4 Reasons You Need to Design a Football Scarf

The football scarf phenomenon has been taking over the sports world for almost a century now. Starting from the early 1900s UK and taking over the world with its popularity, this practice has become the go-to way for fans to show their support and love for any team they choose to follow.

Football scarf designs in various shapes and forms, with different materials used and personalized designs for anyone to feel special. Any football scarf display will be proof enough of how colorful and fun a wave of these custom scarves can be. Seeing an entire stadium during a football match wear their scarves, or hold them high for everyone to see creates a fascinating sea of colors that will truly spread the team spirit any fandom can hope to achieve.

So why don’t we go on a journey and dive deeper into why a football scarf is a perfect item for any fan to carry around. Here are 5 essential reasons why for all fans to know.

 1 –  You get to show your passion and pride for your favorite team.

It’s the simplest thing to come to mind, isn’t it? Of course, you can choose to be an outlier and attend live games unprepared and have nothing but your chants memorized and ready, which might be fine for some fans, but it won’t get them anywhere if they want to familiarize themselves in an environment with people from the same fandom that can come together with a common goal and hobby. If you want to be a vital part of the fandom belonging to your favorite team, you have to show your passion. You have to make others know that you have just as much love for the team as the other fans do.

This is where a football scarf, also known as a soccer scarf, comes in. It’s the leading accessory when it comes to sports merchandising. We’re not talking about just any old colored scarf though, no. With MSV, you can customize a football scarf any way you want, using colors from our vast color stock. You can even let us know if you want to have your favorite team’s logo embroidered or knitted on your scarf. We have you covered when it comes to any aspect of designing our custom scarves. Check out our football scarf mockups of the sleek print variants as an example.

2 – You keep yourself warm while promoting your team.

It goes without saying that the games you attend don’t have to be the only place you wear your customized scarf.  There is a reason our premier league football scarves are designed with high-quality materials with expert craftsmanship while designing and creating them. We want you to find opportunities to fit these stylish scarves into your everyday outfits and general wardrobe. Wear them outside. They are durable, comfortable, breathable, and fashionable for a reason.

Our custom scarves are perfect for cold weather conditions. No matter the day or occasion, they are great to keep your neck warm and comfortable. And when you wear them outside, you’re on your way to promoting your favorite team. People will take notice of your personalized scarf and will recognize which team you’re a fan of immediately. Not only does it help your team but it also paves in the way for meeting like-minded people to gush over your favorite players.

3 – The Sleek Print model is perfect for warmer weather too.

It’s true that scarves are generally meant to be worn during cold winters, and if you try to incorporate them into your summer outfits, you’ll find yourself suffering through unbearable heat. But does that mean you have to give up on them for several months? Do you have to dial back on your passion during games played under warmer weather conditions? Of course not!

Our sleek print football scarf is made with the softest polyester material that makes sure wearing it creates a breathable and lightweight experience that makes it possible to wear it when it’s sunny outside too. Who says you have to avoid supporting your team during the summer?

4 – It works as a sort of flag too.

You might have taken notice that during live games, a lot of people in the audience will hold their football scarf high up instead of wearing it. We understand that being there during games and constantly chanting for your team can get exhausting, it’s a whole activity itself, which means that wearing it during the entire game isn’t ideal. That’s where the practice of holding it above your head comes in.

After all, you can design your football scarf to feature a written slogan or the name of your favorite club and team, and the best way to showcase that is to open it up for everyone to see. This practice has been popularized in the last few decades and it’s definitely not going anywhere. You should try it too.

Time to Start Designing Your Double Sided Knitted Scarf

MSVATKI gives willing customers the best service in the industry and lets them design the highest quality custom sports merchandise such as custom football scarves, custom sports beanies, crew socks, and custom snoods. Our past merchandising contracts with Turkey’s most well-known sports clubs speak for our reliability and quality.

When it comes to choosing where to start from, our double-sided HD woven scarves are often the first and most popular choice. What sets it apart from our other models such as the custom knitted scarf, is the fact that it can carry different designs on both sides with no extra cost.  That way, you can make the whole experience even more fun and wear them in different ways whenever you want.

All our football scarves come with the standard adult size of 158cm(62”) x 18cm(7”) including the colorful and fun fringes. They are special in the sense that they fit everyone regardless of size and gender. Their soft fabric makes them stand out in the custom sports merchandising industry as all the health and safety requirements have been made with the proper channels and certificates.

Start designing your customized football scarf today with MSV’s simple design form. Fill it out, send it on our way and we will help you create the most unique scarf possible. If you want something extra special, also consider ordering our fashionable custom sports beanies and bobble hats to create a personalized look where your beanie and scarf compliment each other to show that you’re the biggest fan on the platform.

Be the best fan you can be with MSV.


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