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Customized Supporters Scarf

Supporters Scarf

Football is a lifestyle. Not just any lifestyle, but player characters, entrepreneurial groups, and millions of fans who have fallen in love with clubs around the world.

To be a part of a fan group, to experience the same emotional intensity with people you have never met in that crowd, and to experience the excitement, sadness and joy together with your heart beating for your football team.

These fans form networks where they can watch, meet, discuss and travel to the games of their favorite team.

In addition to watching football, seeing places they have never been to, acting together and having fun, being with the team they love is what the fans enjoy the most. The fan groups first announced their presence on the football fields in Brazil about 80 years ago. It later spread to Spain and all of Europe.

The first European ultra groups were recognized in 1951, and in a short time they actively supported their team with signed banners, choreographies and fireworks displays aimed at taking the team spirit to a higher level. The rise of ultras began to cause unrest, especially due to the unfolding violence in Italy. .

Later, Football’s ultra movement continued to spread across Europe, starting with the countries closest to Italy in the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s. The creation of the Ultras affected football culture in different ways from country to country . Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany were hit hard because their football culture was more influenced by English football.

Now, We have to admit that Fan groups actually have a violent past. As we all know, excess can be high and with it comes chaos. These acts of hooliganism, as they say, resulted in a series of fights, riots and ravages over the years. However, the measures taken by the countries have either ended football hooliganism or reduced it to a minimal level.

Today, fan groups continue to fill the stadiums with their music, passion, and fan scarf shows.

These supporter groups formed a core group based on the political stance, position and affection of a particular team. It is not uncommon for a team to have more than one fan group. In fact, fan groups have taken their places according to the seat sections in the football stadium with their own names.

We are sure that football is the game of the century, Fan Groups will continue to grow, these groups have their own unique logos, scarf with name and slogans, even personalized scarves with pictures ,at this point, we gave them color with our scarves, Our scarf website helped them reflect their feelings and we continue to be.

We work with all of Turkey’s major ultras scarf fan groups. Contact us for your unique fan scarf, enthusiasm and excitement are contagious! You can write to our social media accounts and us for the models. Or you can mail us your ideas and we will design your special scarf for you.

Our sleek print scarf, which they call custom silk scarf, is very popular in football support groups.These are scarves that we can produce without any restrictions,Ideal for these groups that have a lot to say
In addition, it can be used even in hot weather,It continues to remain as indispensable accessories for football fans who are in love with scarves.

The football scarf culture among the supporters, which started in the early 1970s and has survived until today. The destruction that started as a striped fan scarf has now been moved to a different dimension with the development of technology.

As MSVATKI, We continue to be the leader in customized football scarf by following all these innovations closely.


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Sleek Print Scarves

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